FTS Announces New Director of Finance, HR and Administration

Flexicrew Technical Services (FTS) is excited to announce that Mayra Perez has been hired as the new Director of Finance, HR and Administration as of September 5, 2023. Her role will utilize her 13 years of experience at Flexicrew Staffing, where she worked alongside FTS Founder Brandon Smith until he separated from the company to found FTS in 2015.

Before Perez worked at Flexicrew Staffing, she managed a warehouse for a security company. Then, in June of 2010, she began as a receptionist at Flexicrew Staffing, eventually building herself up into a leadership role. Her role evolved as the company grew until she eventually became Flexicrew Staffing’s Director of Finance, HR, Risk and Administration. During her time in that role, Perez managed seven members in her office and trained new staff in the company’s software and processes.

“I was with Flexicrew Staffing from the beginning to the end,” Perez said. “You know, we built a very successful company, and I feel like I was a very big part of that. So, when I was looking to transition into something else, the opportunity with FTS was exactly the challenge I was looking for. It’s the world I know and enjoy. I feel like my strengths, combined with what they have in place will be great.”

FTS continues to succeed in the competitive technical and professional staffing industry through the hard work and dedication of those like Perez. Recently named to the Inc. 5000 list for the fifth consecutive year, the company provides personalized solutions to its clients through a qualified team of industry-leading technical recruiters. Bringing Perez onto the FTS team means that a skilled professional with over a decade of industry experience will lead the charge toward even better staffing matches for clients and more efficient operations internally for the company.

Founder Brandon Smith is thrilled to team up with Perez again.

“Mayra is a true professional,” Smith said, “And having her in-house to ensure smooth processes, create and implement policy and work with our management team on our growth strategies is exactly what we need as we continue our growth trajectory. I couldn’t be happier to have her on our team.”

Perez is ready to hit the ground running and feels confident that her experience will aid her as she helps guide the company toward future growth.

“I’m excited for the opportunity,” Perez said. “I feel like I bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the team since we learned so much in our previous company. I’m excited to do it now with FTS and be a part of its growth.”

Perez has three main goals in her new role: establish a strong foundation of processes, train the FTS team in those processes and help guide the company along its growth in the industry. She feels that Smith’s skills and her own will work well together to ensure continual growth for FTS.

“Brandon and I have been working together since 2010,” Perez said. “We work very well together because each of our strengths complements the other’s, and combined, we have a really strong foundation. I’m excited to work together again because I believe he knows what I’m capable of doing and trusts me. And that trust is mutual. It goes without saying that trusting somebody who does your finances is very important.”

Outside of work, Perez enjoys spending her free time with her family, traveling with her husband and relaxing on a beach.

About Flexicrew Technical Services

Over the course of its eight years in operation, Flexicrew Technical Services has established itself as an area—and nationwide—leader in professional staffing and recruiting services across a wide range of industries. Launched in 2015, FTS was created to meet a quickly growing demand for technical and professional staffing. A five-time honoree of INC. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S., FTS uses relevant industry expertise to pair qualified personnel with employers who will benefit from their talents, combining that custom-tailored service with their commitment to affecting positive change in the communities and businesses they serve.

FTS emphasizes specialized search solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of its valued client partners. Their industry-leading technical recruiters focus on providing exceptional candidates ranging from C-Level executives and mid-level professionals to early-career applicants as needed, whether on a direct-hire, contract or contract-to-hire basis. For more information about FTS, please visit flexicrewtech.com.

About Our Sister Companies

FTS division, Flexblue Staffing, focuses on identifying and recruiting top talent for light industrial, manufacturing, warehouse and skilled trade positions. It services needs for positions from entry-level temporary help to candidates for full-time, senior-level positions. Please visit https://www.flexbluestaffing.com/ for more information.

Technical Employment Services, Inc. (TECH SERV), a second division of FTS, specializes in providing contract professional/technical, administrative/clerical and trade/labor personnel. This division provides personnel to all industries including:

  • Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • O&G
  • Refinery
  • Inspection
  • NDT
  • Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Storage
  • Warehousing
  • And more!

Please visit https://www.techservjobs.com/ for more information.

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