We Get Awesome Hiring Results

How? With a repeatable system that begins with carefully listening to the cause of your distress. Creating a plan to tackle the solution together and following up to make sure you’ve gotten outstanding results.

Our Process

Recruiting plan options

Flexicrew’s recruitment process adapts to the ever-changing employment challenges in our industry.

Your recruiting plan can be customized to include

  • Background checks and drug screening
  • E–Verify verification of Social Security numbers through the Social Security Administration
  • Skills assessments
  • In-depth, face-to-face interviews between the applicant and experienced recruiters
  • Documentation of work experience and performance
  • Reference verifications with former employers
  • Customized assessments tailored to your special requests
  • Employee orientation –  a complete review of your policies as well as thorough coverage of job requirements and safety procedures

**Bilingual recruiters available upon request

Needs Assessment. Gain an understanding of your unique job requirements.

Customized Recruitment Plan. Quickly obtain the right candidates for your project.

Tailored Retention Programs. Complete job assignments.

Continuous Feedback Loop. Ensure ongoing improvement moving forward.

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