Our Process

It’s the system behind our success.

Source. Screen. Submit.

Our three-part process delivers consistent hiring results. Our experienced team selects the right talent, screens each candidate to our standards and your specifications, and presents you with the finalist. This system, designed to uncover the most suitable matches, can be customized to your individual needs.

1. Sourcing

FTS has an extensive yet growing in-house database of qualified candidates. We utilize top sourcing and recruiting tools to engage both active job seekers and passive talent. Our team is proud to utilize top “headhunting” practices to source and screen candidates who may not be active on job boards but possess the necessary experience indicated by hiring managers. Additionally, FTS has built a large following on social media, experiencing rapid growth in following and engagement.

Leveraging Our Extensive Talent Network

Our diverse network of professionals and reputation for excellence provide us with a candidate pool and network that is second to none. We believe that a successful search requires strong, proactive communication to reach those who are both actively, as well as dormant, in their search process.

During the sourcing process, we will:

2. Screening

Flexible, fast, and accurate. We do our work on the front end to ensure top talent is presented each time. Our seven-step, multilevel screening process is an industry-leading practice that protects your time and ours.

Digging Deep To Understand Each Candidate

All candidates submitted to our client partners for consideration must first complete an extensive screening process that includes an in-depth application/employment questionnaire and multiple interviews, including interviews with senior recruiters and members of our management team. We examine the candidate’s total package of education and experience to identify candidates that best meet our customers’ needs.

This process includes: 

3. Submittal

This phase is our favorite – It is our opportunity to show our value-add. We take a partnership approach by not only providing candidates worthy of submission but also spending time advocating for qualified candidates. This practice ensures that top talent is reviewed and considered! 

Presenting Top Candidate Profiles

In this stage, we will present qualified candidates for review and evaluation. In this phase of the recruitment process, we continue to drive the recruiting efforts to ensure we are targeting all potential candidates for the position. We will not bombard you with unqualified resumes. Before a candidate is submitted, they will be screened with requirement-specific expectations in mind. At intake, we will work with you to determine how many resumes you would like to review and what your timeline for the process should look like.

Key activities in this stage include: