FTS can help you get more done.

What can we do for you? Connect you with top-notch technical talent for a critical project? Provide contract techs to help you ramp up for a major upgrade or rollout? Add to your staff with our direct hire option?

When you partner with Flexicrew Technical Services, you’ll have the power to achieve any business goal. We’re here to help you:

  • Dodge technical talent shortages
  • Smash critical project deadlines
  • Uncover specialized talent resources
  • Shoulder variable workloads


Modified Retained Search

Expect top-priority service and an exclusive Account Manager to conduct and manage your search. As a top-notch technical recruitment firm, we go to great lengths to find and attract passive candidates with the skills, experience and culture perfectly aligned with your organization.


Sudden business surge? Short- or long-term project needs? No problem! Our skilled contract employees bring the talent you need without the hiring hassles.


Wonder if a candidate is just the right fit for your company? Why not find out for yourself! Contract-to-hire lets you check out a talented prospect while they’re on our payroll. Extend an employment offer only after deciding they are the perfect fit.

Direct Hire

Work directly with a specialized technical recruiter to identify requirements of the position. We’ll locate, screen and secure passive candidates who are tough to find with traditional recruitment methods used by IT recruiting firms, engineering recruitment agencies and talent acquisition firms.

Payroll Services

Want to find contractors on your own but don’t want the hassle of payroll, benefits, tax withholding or other administrative details? No worries! Flexicrew Technical Services handles every detail.

Power up your team with FTS.

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