How a Recruiting Firm can be a Partner in my Business

Working with a recruiting firm can be a good way to boost your productivity. It is also a way to test out a potential employee before you decide to hire them. A recruiting firm can be a partner in your company. They are there when you need to fill a hole for a vacation or temporary absence. They are capable of reviewing their vast databases of qualified employees and match one to your business.

 Save Time

One of the biggest reasons for working with a recruiting firm is to save time. This is a very busy world and an unexpected employee loss of an increase in work load means extra stress and unsettled employees. Having a recruiting firm ready to fill the hole means you don’t have to take time away from your work to write a job posting, review resumes, interview and ultimately hire then spend time showing a new employee the ins and outs of the position they are filling. This can take months and you run the risk of hiring the wrong employee for the business and the work that needs to be done.

Save Money

Saving money is another reason for using a recruiting firm. Small businesses generally do not want to pay the markup fee for a new staff member, but it can in fact save your money. Now you don’t have to pay to run an expensive ad or incur any of the costs associated with pre-screening the employees such as running skills tests, drug tests, or background tests. With a recruiting firm, they can place an employee in your company, pre-screened, and work with you to make sure they are a good fit for the business.

Save Energy

Working with a recruiting firm as your business partner will save you energy. Generally the human resources departments of any business aren’t large and when you are partner in my business, we take over the responsibilities of finding that right employee. We will do that part of the job for you so you can do the rest of your job such as handling payroll and benefits. A recruiting firm has access to any number of resumes so we already have a pool of potential employees knowledgeable and ready to step into whatever roll you need. Their unique skill set, plus our connection to them means you get your employee bank to review and hire or contract from.

Save Commitment for the Winners

The best part about working with a recruiting firm though, is you are not committed to keeping an employee. You can use a recruiting firm to fill in the gaps when there are high-volumes of work, but once that high volume period is over they can move on to another position and you don’t have to pay money on unemployment insurance. It also means you can try out the potential employee before extending them an official offer.

JIT Workers

Partnering with a recruiting firm means always having a ready supply of workers when your business needs an extra hand. It also means less work for you and your other employees. Working with an agency is working with someone that understands your business’s needs and staffs correctly. Just in time workers can save the day!