How Technical Staffing is like Football

In business, there are several ways staffing is like football.

At Flexicrew Technical Services we often discuss technical staffing and sports analogies.  And recently, one of our recruiters spoke up, “Technical staffing is like football.” We mentioned that to a few employers and they also see parallels where technical staffing is like football.

Manage Staffing Levels to Budget

Both football teams and employers have to manage their staff size to available budgets annually.

And that’s not so simple…

On salaries alone, NFL teams have considerable variability on base pay, bonuses, performance overrides, etc.  Companies must predict business demand changes, performance increases, employee retention and continued evolving responsibilities. But, in a quote from Yogi Berra, “Never make predictions, especially about the future.”

Dealing with uncertainty creates situations where technical staffing is like football.  Because of the uncertainty of future business conditions, there are justifiable business reasons to hold off on direct hiring and instead using a technical staffing agency.

Risk of Bad Hires

What if companies could use the NFL’s “practice squad” method?  They could keep players around?  They train, practice with the team and are available to play but at a greatly reduced salary.

Well, companies actually can…

Technical staffing is like football for strategic employers who take advantage of similar “practice squad” or “test drive” opportunities before making a large investment.  Technical staffing agencies offer clients a chance to “test drive” a potential new hire.  In fact there has been significant growth in the hiring approach known as temp-to-hire.  In this model, an engineering department, for example, will hire a temporary employee through a technical staffing agency for an indeterminate period.  During this period, the employer gets the benefit of:

  • Filling immediate hiring needs by bridging the gap with temps until direct hire budgets are approved
  • Watching the candidate in a variety of real-life situations
  • Saving money by avoiding the long term cost of a bad hiring decision
  • Seeing how the candidate interacts with the team
  • Letting the technical staffing agency assume all the employment risks, payroll costs and legal compliance.

Roller Coaster Employee Levels

NFL teams have a set number of players they can keep on board.  Their numbers rise and fall due to normal loss of key players from injury, sickness, poor performance, etc.  They replace those players by hiring from their own practice squad.  Or they go outside their team for trades or to bring in unemployed players for a tryout.

Frequently, companies find workforce issues caused by new project start-up, followed later by slowdown. This leads to shifts in employment levels with frenzied hiring followed by reductions. The challenges of this hire-fire cycle include recruiting, training, retaining and firing employees.  Frequently there’s pressure from economic downturns, products becoming outdated and sales falloff.  That involves staff reductions of even their experienced, talented employees.

But we provide an improved way: Flexible Staffing.

Flexible Staffing is Like Football

So growing reliance on staffing agencies for their staffing requirements gives a welcome reprieve to employers.  This is true particularly for those experiencing periods of accelerating growth.  Like when delivery must keep in line with rising demand. With flexible staffing, firms are increasingly protecting their best and brightest resources. The ability to better keep and nurture in-house expertise lets companies improve results.  They can really focus and train the core competencies key to the company’s mission.

Today’s flexible staffing model allows organizations to retain the key skills they need to advance.  This way they ride out the roller coaster of customer demand. With this type of staffing model, an organization can make better use of in-house resources to focus on critical tasks.  They can optimize their productivity by only adding outsourced staff as needed. The outcome is improved ability to balance cost with budget.  Also it minimizes the inefficient business practice of hiring bursts followed by staff reductions.

FTS Staff Management

For technical staffing agencies, this flexible staffing model improves their efficiency of moving staff between customers.  Thus, they apply their own flexible staffing across accounts. Moving the job of staffing from an internal department to a staffing agency lets employers pay more attention to their core ability.

As a result, flexible staffing applies to all companies looking for gains in efficiency. Flexible staffing should be the goal of every firm that wants to score a touchdown.

Wrapping it up

Let’s wrap this up, shall we? Below is a recap of how technical staffing is like football:

  • Decreases risk of a bad hires
  • Lower turnover due to changes in market demand
  • Flexibility means more time for your key technical staff to focus on critical tasks
  • Temporary staffing supports higher productivity.

So that’s a wrap! But, there are many more ways to gain competitive advantage through savvy use of technical staffing.

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