Part 1 – Manager Behaviors that illustrate Effective Technical Leadership

A firm’s success is reliant on effective leadership to inspire the engagement, drive and dedication of their workforce. A classic example is the United States Navy SEALS. That organization trains the best manager behaviors. It never tries to force engagement. It possesses empowered teams and ecosystems that are well engaged but work in a decentralized environment.
Employees positively connected with companies’ visions will help achieve company’s goals. But, research by Gallup Organization on State of the Global Workplace, reports only 15% of the workforce are engaged in their current position.

This indicates that the workforce group predominantly has not vested their effort, energy and creativity in helping to bring real value to their company. Any such employees are not going to reach a position of leadership. That is, except when they start to regularly exercise positive values, positive qualities and true manager actions.

Here are 5 strategies that workers can exercise some manager behaviors that demonstrate real technical leadership:

1. Effective Leadership Commands Teammates’ Respect

Teammates must respect a leader. This demonstrates that they know that you manage responsibly, professionally and ethically. Sometimes teams like a person because they tell jokes that they lighten the mood or lower tension. But they are not a leader. A reputation for good working ethics will help you to have respect and a leadership position.
If you are in a leadership position, real promises will be made and impact on the organization will be made. You become a reliable and trusted member of a company and above all, of a working team if you act consistently with a positive ethical approach. You become the role model of others. You can now have an impressive impact on the whole organization.

2. Manager Behaviors that show Interest in the Team and the Big Picture

If you demonstrate a strong interest in the organization, how it works together, how it makes money and how it can improve their cash flow. Even if your thoughts are centered only on a small department or function, executives will see your interest in doing right by the company.

This demonstrates that you are trying to develop strategies to solve business problems or achieve strategic business goals. When you dedicate your time and energy only to the company, it demonstrates your willingness to take responsibility and take care of what matters to the company. The potential impact, for example, of a change in the company’s costs or margins and your concern / view on the same will reflect your close monitoring of the trends. This is a matter for effective leadership

3. Has Gained Deep and Varied Technical Experience

With your experience with both good managers and bad managers, you are now ready to play a leadership role. and each has taught you important lessons, so you never lose sight of these lessons. These lessons contribute to creating a good workplace culture and lead to effective leadership.

You’ll be able to better understand your personal knowledge and the skills you have gained after working with a wide-ranging team. Working with people of various skills helps you devise new ways to do things in a certain set of conditions. So it is an opportunity to get new experience if your manager is difficult to work for and you are hard-pressed to work the way he likes.

4. Attempts to Forge New Relationships and Seeks Challenges

You are at the leadership ladder if you are good at meeting new people and new teams and establishing relationships with these teams. As a leader you have to deal with several teams from departments with unique or just different disciplines and have various organizational goals.

As an effective leader, you need to build new relationships with others and ensure that the relationship between teams is consistent with the organization’s goals. You can help to support the success of your other team members by being in a powerful position. This will help you maintain a good relationship with dedicated employees.

5. Effective Leadership is devoted To Learning More about Subordinates and Self

You are so interested in learning more about yourself and the people around you. You have a strong sense of learning because, as you know, it is a challenge and is not easy to assume leadership. You have to be humble to become a leader and this helps you listen and learn from your employees. This helps you to learn new ways, new behavior and habits.

A leader with all the knowledge and solutions can never command teammates ‘ respect. It doesn’t constitute effective leadership if you don’t command this respect. Your business is facing major challenges due to competition. And as a leader, you have to be in a learning curve ahead of others. New skills and new attributes can be learned. This will help you to meet new challenges facing your company. You must therefore have a great passion for learning new things and to meet new people.

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