Part 2 – More Manager Behaviors that Illustrate Effective Technical Leadership

In Part-2 of this article we review effective technical leadership through a second set of 5 manager behaviors.

We see that management includes all the tasks conducted by one person (in smaller firms) or more people (in larger firms). The objectives of managing are to plan and control the tasks of their subordinates. Why? To achieve an objective not possible through those subordinates acting independently.

Effective Leadership in 5 Manager Behaviors

In general, there are five overall manager behaviors that come into play in managing:

• Planning
• Organizing
• Staffing
• Leading
• Controlling

Therefore, people in a managerial role will carry out the above functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling to one extent or another. How much of each element depends on the organization. The specific needs, methods and practices of the organization, and the level at which the managing is taking place will drive the extent of each. Lower level managers, for example may not have too much input on staffing, if this is done further up the hierarchy. But, a consistent theme that runs through all levels of management is that managers are responsible for accomplishing outcomes or results through other people.

Let’s review managerial behaviors 6 – 10 to see if your team has effective technical leadership:

6. People Look For Your Advice

If you are familiar with your teammates as a great authority, they often come to you in search of a solution; you are going to be in the running for leadership. People seek your advice because you give them the right advice that is honest, timely and quick. This shows that you understand well how your company works and what you need and your team needs to do. Having a reasonable amount of experience and knowledge makes you a great resource. People often come to you for solutions to the challenges they encounter. You need to impart ‘followership’ among your teammates. As you are a great resource person, your keenness to help people will attract them to you naturally.

7. Workers Outside Your Team Recognize You as a Good Technical Manager

Your customers and other groups of people know you as a great manager thanks to your grasp of the company’s business. You’re knowledgeable not only in your core job profile but beyond as well. This will make you easy how things work, and how they need to work. When you’re in a leadership position, you need to have a close grasp of what is happening in the market and the potential challenges that are going to confront your company. With a good amount of knowledge of ground realities, you can sail your company through during challenging times.

8. Better and New Ways of Doing Business

You have new ideas that can work wonder for the company by designing work processes leading to saving time and resources. This is a great attribute that gets you promoted to a leadership position. New ideas and strategies are essential to make the company more efficient. People at the leadership are vested with the responsibility to conserve resources by making the workforce and processes more productive. This will reduce the time to bring out a given volume of output.

9. Concentrates When Listening

If you show keen interest to listen to your coworkers, teammates and help them to resolve issues, it adds to your odds to enter leadership position. Employees come to you to discuss anything they are unhappy about and to speak to you. You don’t feel it is an obstacle while you were listening to them. You know you never show the attitude of not having time to speak to your employees or coworkers when they come to you to resolve an issue.
To bring out effective leadership, you need to be a good listener. Being a good listener convinces that you care for your team and that you are empathetic.

Besides, it will engage you…

When your employees understand that you care for them they will be ready to work harder and deliver beyond expectations. Employees are generally used to be late by a leader who cares for them. In this regard, they consider who the leader is, what they bring, how they are going to benefit from them and how they are going to benefit the company as a whole. Employees look for leaders who care for them and who are reliable at both the workplace and beyond.
Compassionate leaders listen with patience. This brings them respect as a patient listener. When you listen more often you become a compassionate leader. Leaders in great position will be extremely mindful of what is going on around. They use both verbal and non-verbal. When leaders listen, they are not sensing what is being said, they engage in dialogue.

10. Comfortable When Others Attain the Next Level

If you are interested in see the potential in everyone and encourage them to take steps so that they can be promoted to the next level. Significantly, when you are in a leadership position, you need to take care of everyone in the team. It is not just the most talented employee that you need to consider. Make everyone perform at the highest efficiency level so that it will make each person themselves a better performer and it will also help the company doing the job at a higher efficiency level.

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