A Quick Way to Boost Employee Productivity

Rapidly boost employee productivity by creating SMART goals.

Boost Employee Productivity






  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

SMART goals are necessary to boost employee productivity and achieve quality, timely and successful outcomes.

In addition, these goals are intended to structure and guide an assignment or an entire project. You can pinpoint just what you want to achieve with this technique. This method is really helpful in guiding workers when they set personal targets that support the overall business mission.

With this in mind, here’s an overview of the 5 fundamentals of SMART goals. They will absolutely help improve your chances of accomplishing your objectives and boost employee productivity.

Boost Employee Productivity with SMART Goals

1. (S) Specific

Be specific about what you want to achieve when you establish a goal. This is the summary statement for your goal not a detail step-by-step of how you’re going to meet a goal. But it should include the following:

• Who – who will be involved
• What – what are you trying to achieve
• Where – identify whether there’s a pertinent location involved
• When – establish a time frame for completion of intermediate and ultimate success
• Why – the results expected for the goal
• Which – requirements or obstacles

2. (M) Measurable

Equally important is to define standards you’re going to make use of to assess progress and final success

3. (A) Achievable

By and large, here you detail your goal and why it’s important for you or your business. Make sure to identify what resources you need to achieve the goal and how you will get them.

4. (R) Relevant

Prioritize activities or results relevant to broader business goals.

5. (T) Timely

Set dates when goals must get done. But, be realistic, with a little stretch. Specifying time boundaries help to build a sense of urgency.

Generally speaking, target dates for are necessary for each deliverable. When deadlines are not specified uncertainty creeps in. Then it’s up to the worker to decide for himself. And it causes workers to put off completing important tasks or completing them in the wrong order. Remember, when you don’t specify deadlines is a sure recipe for failure.

Need help setting the SMART goals for your workforce?

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