Why Do You Need a Staffing Partner? (And 7 Things to Look For When Choosing One)

Finding the right people for the job is never easy. When it comes to technical professions, hiring skilled, experienced and determined workers can be especially difficult. One way you can navigate the difficulties of the hiring process is to use a staffing partner. With a staffing partner on your side, you can set your mind at ease.

What does it mean to have a staffing partner?

A staffing partner’s role is to bring the right employees to the right employers. It’s all about making matches that last. By establishing strong, personal connections with employers, staffing partners filter through prospective workers and decide who wouldn’t be a good fit for company culture, who may not have the right experience for the business’ needs or who just aren’t what a certain company is looking for at the moment. Staffing partners may work alongside a company’s existing hiring team or they may lead the charge on the hiring process entirely.

Without a staffing partner to have your back, searching for talent can be arduous, frustrating and unreliable. There are never any guarantees when it comes to hiring, but with a competent staffing partner on your side, you can feel more secure about finding the right fit for your company. 


Here are the top 7 reasons you should choose to work with a staffing partner:


  1. Access to a large network of talent


Staffing partners keep a large database of qualified candidates and utilize top recruiting tools to engage both active job seekers and passive talent. A quality staffing partner sources talent through a variety of recruitment techniques and conducts a thorough screening of each potential candidate before sending them to employers for review.


      2. Quick and efficient hiring


Recruiting teams build their networks so that when a company has a position to fill, the staffing partner has a good candidate at the ready. Staffing partners have a multilevel screening process in order to ensure that the top talent is presented each time. This saves time since it means that employers don’t have to waste time interviewing talent that isn’t the right fit and can focus on the top candidates for each position they are trying to fill.


      3. Improved worker retention


With a proven method for finding qualified and reliable talent, staffing partners know what prospective employees are looking for when it comes to company culture and future career growth. This results in employees who continue working for longer stretches of time under one employer than those who may be scouted without a staffing partner.


      4. Lower costs


When compared to a full-fledged internal HR team, staffing partners are often a much more cost-effective option. Working with a staffing partner is also often more flexible since their network of qualified candidates can be called upon when necessary and left alone when not.


      5. Reliable quality of employees


Quality staffing partners check to prove all references presented by a candidate to a company’s hiring team. They also conduct thorough written and verbal interviews to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications for a position.


      6. Strong professional relationships


Established staffing partners have long-standing professional relationships with employers and employees alike. New relationships are constantly being formed, and new matches are constantly being made. Even when a company isn’t using its services, staffing partners may reach out to consult about a potential good fit. 


      7. Streamlined navigation of regulatory rules


Staffing partners understand the regulations that may affect hiring. This knowledge means that they can ensure that an organization stays compliant and follows existing guidelines. 

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