Why Employee Recognition and Appreciation is Important in 2019

It’s year-end and time to think about what your personnel achieved this year.  Time to give out some employee recognition and appreciation.  It will pay solid dividends next year.


Results of Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Firms that have a successful process of recognizing employees have:

  • improved morale
  • stronger employee engagement
  • reduced worker turnover and
  • superior customer service

Results produced by employee recognition and appreciation programs have been as much as 50% greater productivity and up to a 20% increase in business outcomes.


Purpose of Employee Recognition

Employee appreciation helps to pay back the hard work and the achievements of your individuals and teams. The reason you create an ongoing system of employee recognition is to:

  • build an employee-company emotional connection
  • make employees feel valued and respected
  • support your employees’ efforts and
  • reflect your company’s culture and values
  • meet your company’s goals.

With these in mind, give a “shout-out” to your top workers this holiday season. But, if you don’t already have one, plan to start an organized employee recognition and appreciation strategy for next year.

Your Next Step:

So, give these ideas some consideration.  And when you are ready, contact Flexicrew Technical Services. Of course, we are committed to finding you the highest level employees.  We help employers improve operations, manage ROI and achieve greater workforce flexibility. So locate your local FTS office and let’s get to work!

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