Need a Technical Recruiter in 2018? These Facts Help You Choose

4 key ways a technical recruiter can help you

Have you searched for a technical job too hard and too long (with disappointing results)?  Let us review four  ways a technical recruiter helps you focus and makes it child’s-play to land a great job.

The role of a technical recruiter is to provide a service to engineering, technical and IT workers, to get that position they’re looking for. The technical recruiter has a balancing act – their equally important goal is to help employers find the best talent for their technical job openings.

Seriously, there is a real daily battle waged for tech talent currently.  When you go looking for a new job in 2018 you might feel like you’re rock climbing with a blindfold on and without a harness.


Picture of lightbulb with technical recruiter sphere of influece
A technical recruiter helps you focus and land a great job

A technical recruiter exists to help you search, interview and negotiate for your new job — without the hassle – yet with more effective results.

Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere in job search on your own? If you have spent hours or maybe weeks eyeballing the top tech job boards or monitoring the emails from the big online recruiters with limited results, then maybe it’s time to consider working with an FTS technical recruiter.

We’ll explain how a technical recruiter, especially at FTS can focus on key actions that secure a job and don’t waste your valuable time.

  1. It’s true! A technical recruiter has the inside track for better positions

We know that many employers call their go-to technical recruiter when they need to fill an important position. These are often the best technical jobs and employers don’t want to risk selecting the wrong hire for the job.

In our experience, employers really dislike getting an avalanche of resumes, the bulk of which don’t qualify.  They don’t have the time and it conflicts with their own personal technical job.

So, instead, employers have that Guy – a technical recruiter that sends only three – four qualified candidates (quality, not quantity). This simplifies and focuses the screening and hiring process which really reduces the prospective employer’s time and hassle.

  1. Your technical recruiter connects you to the company you want

You’ve undoubtedly heard this expression, “Getting the right job is about who you know.” Odds are: having connections vastly improves your ability to get the job you want.  It’s like having a family friend in the recruitment business.

Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or reaching for Chief Technical Officer, you find the better technical jobs with a technical recruiter.  No lie!


Because employers often don’t advertise many of the best technical jobs…

Many employers don’t have the time or skill to advertise, sift through applicants, interview, or even engage in the whole lengthy, frustrating hiring process to get hold of new talent.

  1. Your technical recruiter is in your corner

You come to consider your technical recruiter as your partner is finding that perfect technical job.  At FTS we meet one-on-one with most candidates and spend hours interviewing each candidate.

Our distinct vetting method establishes the functional strengths and weaknesses of each applicant. That provides FTS the necessary essentials to place them in an atmosphere where they will flourish.  We don’t want to represent everyone.  We want to fit candidates we have meticulously researched with employers and positions we have meaningfully investigated.  Our mission is to assure we have the just-right fit so the puzzle pieces fit perfectly together.

Therefore, if you work with a recruiter like FTS for a technical job, the arrangement will benefit all parties. Your search will be over sooner.  You’ll have a great job that meets your particular requirements. And, you’ll be placed in a business climate that matches your approach and manner for heightened job success.

  1. Doesn’t it make sense for you to work with an attentive, supportive technical recruiter?

Regardless of the position you seek, better technical jobs are within reach when you work with an FTS recruiter.

And, FTS is recognized across the South, but has detailed familiarity with the even broader technical employment environment.  Each FTS technical staff member is proud of his/her ability to consistently recruit qualified tech folks for local and nationwide firms.

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