4 Vital Tips Deal with Acute Employee Shortages

Skilled Employee Shortages Hurting Employers’ Productivity

Constellation bubbles with numbers of skilled employee shortages
62% of firms struggling to fill important skilled trade positions, according to an industry study.

Multiple recent articles mention skilled employee shortages and call attention to the continuing strain this places on employers responsible for productivity. Established workforce management methods don’t seem to keep up with rising demand and industry competition for truly valued skills.

Our U.S. economy has created new jobs annually since 2009. Even so, there are shortages of skilled employees. The need for cost control and efficiency will be part of an effective procurement and contingent workforce strategy. Other factors including quality of talent and workforce retention  jointly may make firms increase wages quicker in the future.

FTS Observes Client Employee Shortages Firsthand

Since Flexicrew Technical Services continuously studies market trends and we’re quite familiar with employee shortages. We see that firms who overcome talent and employee shortages deliberately use four successful staffing strategies:

  1. Widen the External Candidate Pool: Leading employers define their position requirements with greater degrees of flexibility.  That frees them to interview candidates that have the right skill-set regardless of employee types.  In some cases this includes waiving college diplomas in favor of comparable experience.
  2. Examine Internal Employees:  Beyond determining where to recruit and what kind of employee to look for, effective organizations are handling hiring needs another way. They increasingly review their current employees to fill open positions. This trend is growing – particularly as external employee shortages continue. A winning internal employee approach includes training, skills development and cross-functional partnerships. That’s possibly the simplest short term strategy for those employee shortages. Tenured people who already fit the culture and understand the firm’s approach get selected for higher-value jobs.
  3. Pay Hike:  Of course there is another approach to employee shortages – offer higher salaries.  Naturally, that has implications for costs and profits and could lead to competitors following suit.
  4. Adapt to Change:  A talented recruiting partner will offer more than recruiting positions and selecting candidates.  They apply competence, automated processes and technology to help clients manage shifting staffing requirements.  They can direct full-court recruitment intensity for their busy clients.

Future Changes in Talent Management Strategies

Also, employers need a thorough grasp of the forces driving personnel change in the future. That will help employers stay aware of dynamics shaping successful talent management strategies where employee shortages exist.

At Flexicrew Technical Services we understand your continuing pressure to produce results even in the face of employee shortages.

We ‘get’ the requirement for strategic, flexible workforce management approaches. We pledge to help employers effectively obtain contingent and permanent employees with our flexible  approach to staffing..

Call FTS if you struggle to find the right skilled technical employees.