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4 Ways to Practice Workplace Kindness

Workplace violence – not workplace kindness gets all the news headlines and is a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide according to OSHA. We’ve all heard the Golden Rule since we were old enough to play in the sandbox. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Random Acts of Workplace Kindness Definition of kindness… Read more »

4 Vital Tips Deal with Acute Employee Shortages

Skilled Employee Shortages Hurting Employers’ Productivity Multiple recent articles mention skilled employee shortages and call attention to the continuing strain this places on employers responsible for productivity. Established workforce management methods don’t seem to keep up with rising demand and industry competition for truly valued skills. Our U.S. economy has created new jobs annually since… Read more »

What Should You Do Before And After An Anti-Harassment And Anti-Discrimination Complaint

These days we are swamped regularly by allegations and confirmations of sexual harassment in many industries—entertainment, media, technology, politics, etc. Complaints or proof of harassment or discrimination can impact greatly a company’s reputation, employee enthusiasm, business disruption, the extent of legal exposure, length of controversy, and costs sustained. Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy Your organization needs… Read more »

How Do You Retain Great Employees?

This week unemployment is at 4.3%. Businesses are ramping up hiring plans. The recruiting begins – the headhunting is on! And then managers realized that they aren’t ready for a rosy economy with the strong job market that goes with it. Why? It works like this – unemployment goes down and that’s great for the… Read more »