Why Choose FTS|Flexblue Staffing: A Collection of Case Studies

So, you’ve decided that you need a staffing partner and FTS|Flexblue Staffing seems like the perfect fit. But you want to make sure that our track record matches our values, team professionalism and knowledge of the industry. FTS|Flexblue Staffing has been named on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies for five consecutive years as well as the Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2023 List of Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms. We have also expanded our reach by acquiring Reliant Nationwide Staffing and Tech Serv.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, we have three real case studies from clients based in the maritime, manufacturing and civil engineering industries that may help you decide whether FTS|Flexblue Staffing is right for you.

Maritime/Marine Service Client:

Our client opened a new location and needed help finding top talent for their technical team. They had initially worked with multiple staffing agencies, which failed to find quality candidates. The other staffing agencies did not understand the proper requirements and experience needed to be successful in the client’s open jobs since they tried to provide quantity quickly over quality. As a result, our client wasted time, energy, and resources with failed submissions and interviews.

FTS|Flexblue Staffing offered a custom retained search delivery model to perfectly suit our client’s unique needs by allowing us to scrutinize candidates’ requirements and qualifications when considering them for each job. We have been the only staffing agency consistently trusted by this client to find candidates who have been successfully identified, received interviews and placed into the company. FTS|Flexblue Staffing is still responsible for recruiting all technical placements in their new location as well as multiple locations across the Gulf South.

The client offered the following testimonial: “Your firm has been the only one that we have had luck finding the right candidates with. Your recruiters really know how to deliver technical talent, not just any run-of-the-mill candidate who could be found on any job board!”

Manufacturing Client:

Our client had a large number of long-term supervisors and managers approaching retirement age. Specifically, eight management and supervisory positions needed to be filled within one year. This major time crunch resulted from a lack of succession planning combined with additional position openings in the upcoming year.

FTS|Flexblue Staffing met with the client to devise a plan to work on recruiting the most pressing positions due to retirement timing. FTS|Flexblue Staffing also helped to develop job descriptions to form the scope of each job. Once salary compression issues were found, FTS|Flexblue Staffing worked alongside the client to resolve them and move forward with the recruiting process. As a result of FTS|Flexblue Staffing’s work, the client recruited and placed all eight positions. FTS|Flexblue Staffing is currently still working with the client to fill new openings.

The client offered the following testimonial: “We partnered with Flexicrew Technical Services (FTS) to identify and present vetted candidates for critical positions within the company. Using FTS allows us to focus upon other strategic HR objectives which benefit our employees and company.”

Civil Engineering Client:

Our client was experiencing major employee vacancies. Due to a lack of employees, the company may have had to decline additional jobs. The client had won multiple projects and needed to hire additional people with specific job requirements to meet deadlines and take on new business.

The client was looking for a combination of entry-level, mid-level and PEs to be placed over a three to six-month timeframe. Given the specificity of their candidate requirements, filling all the open positions was difficult. FTS|Flexblue Staffing met with the client to discuss looking for candidates who had the proper qualifications and would match what was needed for the open positions so that we could facilitate faster candidate processing.

As a result of FTS|Flexblue Staffing’s involvement, the necessary talent was hired, and the client has continued to grow. The client offered the following testimonial: “Thank you for all your help! You have helped build our team with top talent.”

About FTS

Over the course of its nine years in operation, Flexicrew Technical Services (FTS) has established itself as an area—and nationwide—leader in professional staffing and recruiting services across a wide range of industries. Launched in 2015, FTS was created to meet a quickly growing demand for technical and professional staffing. A five-time honoree of INC. 5000’s list of fastest-growing companies in the U.S., FTS uses relevant industry expertise to pair qualified personnel with employers who will benefit from their talents, combining that custom-tailored service with their commitment to affecting positive change in the communities and businesses they serve.

FTS emphasizes specialized search solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of its valued client partners. Their industry-leading technical recruiters focus on providing exceptional candidates ranging from C-Level executives and mid-level professionals to early-career applicants as needed, whether on a direct-hire, contract or contract-to-hire basis. 

About Our Sister Companies

FTS division, Flexblue Staffing, focuses on identifying and recruiting top talent for light industrial, manufacturing, warehouse and skilled trade positions. It services needs for positions from entry-level temporary help to candidates for full-time, senior-level positions.

Please visit https://www.flexbluestaffing.com/ for more information.

Technical Employment Services, Inc. (TECH SERV), a second division of FTS, specializes in providing contract professional/technical, administrative/clerical and trade/labor personnel. This division provides personnel to all industries including:

  • Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • O&G
  • Refinery
  • Inspection
  • NDT
  • Manufacturing
  • Fabrication
  • Storage
  • Warehousing
  • And more!

Please visit https://www.techservjobs.com/ for more information.

Reliant Nationwide Staffing, a division in Deer Park, Texas, focuses on filling roles in various fields, including Industrial, Construction, and Oil & Gas by becoming deeply familiar with each client’s internal culture, rules, procedures, and desired outcomes. The team then utilizes its strong foundation as a service-based organization in conjunction with a flexible nature to establish the perfect solution for each client.

Please visit https://reliantns.com/ for more information.